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Put speech to work for you

Creating the blueprint
This living document is paramount to the success of your speech deployment and ongoing operations. Regardless where you are on the speech analytics spectrum, you can refresh and reinvigorate your program. Learn what goes into a blueprint and how to organize it.
Gathering business objectives
Mapping business objectives to speech analytics goals fosters greater ROI and adoption across the organization. Learn what should be considered to fully leverage speech analytics.
Defining resources and roles
Failing to comprehend resource requirements and roles has been the fatal downfall of many speech analytics deployments. Know what to expect up front.
Mapping strategies and action plans
A well-thought-out action plan will guide you step-by-step toward speech analytics bliss. Learn how to map out strategies and action plans based on objectives and your organization’s landscape.
Targeting the right business issues
The most daunting challenge for speech analytics users is which pain points to focus on. Targeting low value issues often yields little reward for the organization. Learn how to capitalize on ROI by targeting the right issues.
Formulating KPIs
Realize your return-on-investment by learning how to create KPI metrics mapped to your speech analytics deployment and to apply them to your speech studies.
Keeping customer data safe
Speech analytics inherently introduces new vulnerabilities that expose the organization to compliance issues. Learn what it takes to address identity theft and how to comply with red flag laws but still get the most from your speech analytics investment.
Selecting projects
Deciding whether to initially pursue quick wins or complex issues depends on expectations and available resources. Understand the differences – pros & cons – and how to proceed to be successful with speech studies out of the gate.
Addressing organizational impact
Sophisticated technology solutions like speech analytics often overshadow the human impact and may unknowingly sabotage your efforts. Learn how to head off cultural barriers within your organization that can impede success and improve adoption across the enterprise.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “We’re struggling to have a meaningful impact on our organization.”

  • “We didn’t understand the requirements for speech analytics from the outset.”

  • “We picked low-hanging fruit issues but have now stalled to make further progress.”

  • “We’re not getting the value from speech analytics we anticipated.”

  • “The speech owner left our company and now no one knows what to do with it.”

Don’t Let Success Pass You By!

Enter a new era in leveraging speech analytics

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  • “We have enhanced our product offerings by applying a myriad of their best practices and strategies “


  • “The speech analytics expertise and key business acumen ensured a successful speech deployment.”


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  • “A blueprint put us back on the path to better leverage speech analytics in understanding our customer behaviors.”

    Indemnity Insurer

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    Health Care

  • “We’ve seen a $2 million revenue increase since implementing our new strategies for speech analytics.”

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  • “By leveraging these best practices we’ve seen more than $1.8 million savings in our first year.”

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Workshop Leaders

Chris Lawson, founder and president of Lawson Concepts, puts his more than 25 years of Fortune 500 IT contact center experience to work helping organizations harness information to reduce customer effort. His firm specializes in aiding companies with speech analytics blueprinting and high-performance knowledge management, thus enabling  contact centers to better leverage their  technology investment with solutions that redefine both the agent and the customer’s experience. Chris has served as both president and director of various customer technology/solution advisory councils for speech analytics vendors and is a regular speaker on the agent versus the customer experience, speech analytics, and service excellence. He’s also a frequent contributor to a variety of customer service and technology solution blogs.

Scott Bakken, cofounder and CEO of MainTrax, helps organizations harness speech analytics technology to optimize contact center performance, regardless of technology platform. His firm specializes in developing complex business rules using linguistic and prosodic language patterns present in recorded conversations, then generates customized business intelligence and actionable insights. MainTrax solutions have utilized a dozen different speech technologies at work in hundreds of speech-vendor and end-user projects. Free of allegiance to any one company, Scott is  recognized as an independent voice in the speech analytics industry and was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. He’s facilitated numerous workshops, is a sought-after conference presenter, and has been published in a number of industry trade journals.